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Link building can be slow and tedious, but a well carried out link building campaign can drastically increase a site’s rankings in the search engines. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths going around about link building, so I gathered up a few popular ones and have explained the truth behind each one. 1. Link exchanges […]

Will trade links for sex? Hmmm, I don’t quite think it’s come to that yet. But the cartoon is a great way to get links, look I’m linking to it! Google announces that they have officially acquired Double Click. A list of sites that provide free ranking tools. I was really impressed by Venito, it’s […]

Press releases are great for getting a few dozen free links to your site. But finding something news worth and writing out a press release can be a pain at times. However, if you follow these 10 steps you can easily turn an article or blog entry into a press release. And for a great […]

If you are trying to build up links for a site, submitting content to article directories should be an integral part of your efforts. By submitting quality content to some of these sites you can gain fee HTML links that you can even control the anchor text of (in the about section of an article). […]

1. Link Out to Other Blogs As I have mentioned before, if you link to other blogs then it will help you get attention. Bloggers monitor their inbound links very closely and if you provide a link to another blog then chances are the blogger will see. This is especially true if the link sends […]

I had wanted to put together a list of social media communities for a while now, but I couldn’t think of a good way to organize them. So I got to thinking about what helps me decide if it’s worth it to participate in a social community. Most of the time when I am looking […]

If you want your site to draw visitors and links you need to have quality content. When properly created this link baited content can gather you dozens, if not hundreds, of quality inbound links. Follow the four tips below and with a few hours of work you can easily get a few dozen free links. […]