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Link building can be slow and tedious, but a well carried out link building campaign can drastically increase a site’s rankings in the search engines. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths going around about link building, so I gathered up a few popular ones and have explained the truth behind each one. 1. Link exchanges […]

If you are trying to build up links for a site, submitting content to article directories should be an integral part of your efforts. By submitting quality content to some of these sites you can gain fee HTML links that you can even control the anchor text of (in the about section of an article). […]

I had wanted to put together a list of social media communities for a while now, but I couldn’t think of a good way to organize them. So I got to thinking about what helps me decide if it’s worth it to participate in a social community. Most of the time when I am looking […]

Sites and blogs of all sizes are increasingly taking advantage of link baited articles to build links virally and gain visitors from social media sites. But how much attention you get from a blog essentially comes down to the quality of your entry. If you put time and effort into a creating a quality piece […]

Below is a list of 15 free places you can submit your press releases to. Keep in mind that these should not replace quality distribution sites like Business Wire or PRweb. However, they do present an easy opportunity to further spread the word about your press release and generate some additional free links. 1. […]