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Will trade links for sex? Hmmm, I don’t quite think it’s come to that yet. But the cartoon is a great way to get links, look I’m linking to it! Google announces that they have officially acquired Double Click. A list of sites that provide free ranking tools. I was really impressed by Venito, it’s […]

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Yahoo announces all new Yahoo video with better viewing experience, more content, and more sharing options. Huh, I didn’t really even know Yahoo had a video property… 10 tips for success on StumbleUpon. I’ve been hard lately to learn as much as I can about StumbleUpon and I found this article to be quite enjoyable […]



Google rumored to have purchased Plaxo for $200 million.  ASK launched Big News, which features a “Big Factor” social media element. The page also features top stories on Digg an a neat “Zero Diggs – Be the first” list. SEO consultants broken down into three categories: the good, the rad, and the sexy. Hmm, based […]

Google features live coverage of Super Tuesday elections. Yahoo acquires FoxyTunes, a Firefox plugin allowing users to control a variety of music players their Internet browser. Finally, some Yahoo news that doesn’t mention Microsoft. Five tactics for measuring success of linkbait. This is a good article but I hate seeing conversions listed as a measurement […]

Microsoft offers to purchase Yahoo for $46.2 billion. I’m betting Yahoo will accept the offer, especially among reports of low revenue forecasts and employee layoffs. 8 ways to turn negative feedback into an opportunity. Very good article and I really like the part about picking your battles as it is one of my mottoes in […]

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Tips for making the front page of the new Digg. In case you missed it Digg changed their algorithm a bit making it more difficult to for many to get their submissions to the front page. Microsoft’s profits soar… Really? 6 great tips for writing blog content that is easily scannable, which is essential for […]

1.    Easy Calculator You can easily use the regular Google search as a calculator, just type your math problem into Google. Examples: “1 + 1,” “49/7,” “(42/6+7)*2,” or “square root(9)” 2.    Track A Flight’s Status To track a flight’s status in Google just type the flight the airline’s name followed by the flight number. Examples: […]