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Will trade links for sex? Hmmm, I don’t quite think it’s come to that yet. But the cartoon is a great way to get links, look I’m linking to it! Google announces that they have officially acquired Double Click. A list of sites that provide free ranking tools. I was really impressed by Venito, it’s […]

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Tips for making the front page of the new Digg. In case you missed it Digg changed their algorithm a bit making it more difficult to for many to get their submissions to the front page. Microsoft’s profits soar… Really? 6 great tips for writing blog content that is easily scannable, which is essential for […]

5 search engine marketing predictions for 2008 from Search Engine Watch. The article is very interesting, particularly the part on SEO going mainstream and encompassing public relations. Singapore launches contest for next-generation search engine Proof that blogging does work, even for small or local businesses. According to new data 3 out of every 4 Internet […]