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Sending emails to bloggers in your industry is a great way to get content noticed, but if you aren’t careful then your efforts could backfire and create negative online press. Follow these 7 tips to get the most out of your link baited emails, and ensure that you don’t insult bloggers. 1) Be very, very […]

1. Link Out to Other Blogs As I have mentioned before, if you link to other blogs then it will help you get attention. Bloggers monitor their inbound links very closely and if you provide a link to another blog then chances are the blogger will see. This is especially true if the link sends […]

1.    Easy Calculator You can easily use the regular Google search as a calculator, just type your math problem into Google. Examples: “1 + 1,” “49/7,” “(42/6+7)*2,” or “square root(9)” 2.    Track A Flight’s Status To track a flight’s status in Google just type the flight the airline’s name followed by the flight number. Examples: […]

I’ve found many times that using a keyword insert in a pay-per-click ad can result in a higher click through rate, but other times they perform just as bad or worse then those without. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help the odds of your ad performing well. My biggest advice […]

When people think of CraigsList they usually think of a place to look for a house to rent, or to sell a piece of furniture, but a well carried out CraigsList campaign can actually provide a flow of interested visitors similar to a small pay per click campaign. CraigsList has a massive user base of […]