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I’m sorry it has been so long since I have posted a new blog entry but business is taking off and I am busier than ever. Because of how how well business is going I am actually looking to hire a web designer and have a few phone interviews lined up for tomorrow. So I […]

With all the commotion surrounding Microsoft’s offer to purchase Yahoo I realized that I didn’t really know much about Yahoo. So I did a little research and gathered the following 10 interesting facts about Yahoo. 1. Stanford Student’s Jerry Yang and David Filo first started Yahoo! in February of 1994 to keep track of their […]

1. You might be an SEO if… On your honeymoon, you put a “nofollow” sign on the door… 2. What do pigs & SEOs have in common? SPAM. 3. If it weren’t for SEOs, we wouldn’t need them. 4. Talk is cheap…until SEOs get involved. 5. It is the trade of SEOs to question everything, yield […]

1.    Easy Calculator You can easily use the regular Google search as a calculator, just type your math problem into Google. Examples: “1 + 1,” “49/7,” “(42/6+7)*2,” or “square root(9)” 2.    Track A Flight’s Status To track a flight’s status in Google just type the flight the airline’s name followed by the flight number. Examples: […]

Sites and blogs of all sizes are increasingly taking advantage of link baited articles to build links virally and gain visitors from social media sites. But how much attention you get from a blog essentially comes down to the quality of your entry. If you put time and effort into a creating a quality piece […]

People often ask me if meta tags still matter in search engine optimization or not. But the problem with this question is that there is not a simple yes or no answer. Meta tags, as well as alt tags, are still considered when determining a page’s keyword density but their influence isn’t any where near […]

Blogs are all the rage in the online world. Nearly everyone and their brother seems to have a blog now days. But many of these people are not taking the correct steps to make sure their blogs are search engine friendly, and that is a big mistake. Search engines drive traffic, and you will need […]