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Lordy, I have been so busy lately over the past few weeks.  I tried out a pay per lead vendor, and although the leads weren’t valuable it inspired me to write my next advice article.  Check back next week to see thoughts on pay per lead and pay per click campaigns.  Fortunately I had a […]

I don’t know why, but for some reason it’s much easier for me to write answers to some one’s questions then it is for me to write an informational blog entry.  I’m going to try to finish my advice on adding content entry some time this evening, but in the meantime here are some question […]

Well it’s Sunday morning, I’m still laying in bed, but I decided to get a head start on work today.  I figured I would start off with answering some questions on Yahoo Answers.  So check out my advice below, and look forward to my next advice blog, How to Easily Add Content to a Site […]

Hello everyone, I did another batch of answers on my Yahoo Answers account this morning.  Here are some of the better ones.  And feel free to email me if you have any search engine marketing related questions! Question: How the improve the search engine ranking of… In yahoo this website comes in SEO rank […]

Question: How do I let search engine (yahoo, google) include my friendster, multiply, blogspot etc to be searched? I just wanted to make my blog, multiply, friendster apear when I type my name on these search engines. My Answer: Anything that the search engine’s bots find will be included in the search engine results. Getting […]

Hello everyone, here is my first batch of Questions & Answers, they are taken from my Yahoo Answers account.  Enjoy! Question: SEO question? Hi friends. I am having a blog on blogspot & it is having a normal sub domain… Now I am going to buy a .com domain. Will this increase my search […]