It’s been far too long…


The reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is pretty simple… I’m extremely busy these days and do not have much spate time anymore. If you happen to have seen my MySpage blog, you will know that I used to work full time in addition to running my own search engine marketing business. That changed a little over a month ago, and now I work full time for my business, Guiver Consulting.

It has always been my dream to run my own business, and now I am living my dream. Every day I feel blessed for the opportunities that I have been given, and I am dedicated to growing my business by offering honest consulting services.

But things have been crazy as ever. A month ago we moved into an office three times the size of our old one, and I have also added two new members to my team. I now have four people on my staff, and I am glad that I can delegate more of my old tasks. These days I work a very random schedule as I have frequent off site meetings with clients. Its fun though because now I have an excuse to buy more clothes, I actually went to Nordstrom Rack earlier this evening! lol.

As Guiver Consulting continues to expand I decided that I want to make this blog a priority of mine. But instead of just posting Internet marketing themed posts, I also want to display more of my own personality in this blog. I plan to write about anything that I find interesting, including my views on current issues. So if you are reading this, then feel free to bookmark my blog and check back frequently!


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