Prostituting for free links? I don’t think so.


Will trade links for sex? Hmmm, I don’t quite think it’s come to that yet. But the cartoon is a great way to get links, look I’m linking to it!

Google announces that they have officially acquired Double Click.

A list of sites that provide free ranking tools. I was really impressed by Venito, it’s fast, correct, and visually stimulating to use.

Viacom denied punitive damages in YouTube suit.

10 effectives for running a PPC campaign. I especially like the tip about thinking seasonally. Often times I will even go as far as writing seasonal ads that mention current holidays or news.

HitWise data on plural v. singular search terms.

Military bans Google street photographers from U.S. bases.

Google further integrates television ads into adWords.

Advice on promoting a blog from ProBlogger.


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