10 Easy ways to Convert a Blog Entry into a Press Release


Press releases are great for getting a few dozen free links to your site. But finding something news worth and writing out a press release can be a pain at times. However, if you follow these 10 steps you can easily turn an article or blog entry into a press release. And for a great press release template I would suggest checking out PRweb.

1. Create a more newsworthy headline
Headlines for a press release need to be more news worthy then a blog entry. Fortunately you can fix this easily. Take this entry for example. If I were going to use it for a press release I could just change the title to “Mathew Guiver Presents 10 Easy ways to Convert an Article into a Press Release.”

2. Write a short summary about the article
In the standard press release format a short, 1 – 3 sentence summary should follow the title. It should summarize the entire article and also make the topic seem important.

3. Write an interesting lead sentence
The first sentence in a press release is always more of a second summary then a lead sentence. With press releases the summary often gets ignored so it’s important to present your main points in both the summary and lead sentence.

4. Use the proper lead sentence format
You always want to begin your lead sentence with the proper format including a date, location, and distribution service. So, if I were submitting this entry to PRweb as a release my intro sentence would be: Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2008 — Press releases are great ways to get a few dozen free links for your site.

5. Write a first paragraph discussing the importance of the topic
Instead of using your old first paragraph in your press release you should write something that talks about the importance of the topic. So, if you were using an article on converting an article into a press release you would want to discuss why press releases are important and how they help develop links.

6. Turn parts of your article into quotes
Press releases nearly always include quotes, which is a good thing. You can easily parts of your article and use them as a quote from yourself.

7. Slightly revise your content to avoid duplicate content filters
Whenever you reuse content that has already been posted on your own site or blog you want to make sure it won’t be flagged as duplicate content. I usually go through the article and try to completely rewrite one sentence per paragraph. But you can revise whatever you want as long as the new version is significantly different then the original.

8. Draft a summary to end the release text
The last paragraph of a press release is almost always another summary presenting the main points of the release. This is also a good way to add extra content to avoid the problems with duplicate content.

9. Write an about your company or website section
Press releases always include an about the author section at the end. This is a great place to include a call to action and a website that potential customers can check out.

10. Add your contact information to the end
This is different then the contact information in number 9. At the end of a press release there always needs to be a media contact that editors can reach in case there is a problem with the release.


4 Responses to “10 Easy ways to Convert a Blog Entry into a Press Release”

  1. Very interesting & good tips for press release optimization. I really like the article a lot! Keep up the good work!

  2. Those are beautiful! Great words to remember. Thanks for hosting. it’s been fun reading everyone’s favorite and inspirational quotes!

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