4 Ways To Get Links From Great Content


If you want your site to draw visitors and links you need to have quality content. When properly created this link baited content can gather you dozens, if not hundreds, of quality inbound links. Follow the four tips below and with a few hours of work you can easily get a few dozen free links.

1. Promote it on Your Site
When you draft an article or blog entry you should always feature it on your website. But be sure the link baited page does not look like an obvious ploy to sell something. Remove any contact forms or neon 1-800 numbers that might discourage bloggers from linking to the content. Then submit the link to social media sites including Digg, StumbleUpon, or Reddit. You can also send messages or shouts to other users of the communities encouraging them to tag your link.

2. Email Bloggers Summaries
If you have a good piece of link bait on your site can try sharing it with bloggers in the related field. But don’t just email them the link, make it easy for them to link to you. You can do this by first drafting a summary or quote and include it in the email. It’s also a good idea to email a wide variety of blogs of all different sizes. Popular blogs are unlikely to link to you at first, so try going after lesser-known blogs for easier link opportunities.

3. Article Directories
If your content is at least about 400 characters you should submit also submit it to article directories. Be careful though, you do not want the page on your site to get flagged as duplicate content. Before submitting an article you should always make edits and rewrite a few sentences so it’s substantially different than the original version.

4. Press Release
Press releases definitely do not provide the same quality of links as they used to, in fact they probably provide about as much authority as an article directory link. But with a little creativity you can easily get a few dozen links from a press release. Just make a few changes to article and put it into a press release format. For more specific advice Google “press release templates” and you will find plenty of examples. You can then submit the release to multiple free press release distribution sites.


One Response to “4 Ways To Get Links From Great Content”

  1. I just used plr articles on one of my site and my traffic was increased just based on that alone.

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