In case you missed it, Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo…


Microsoft offers to purchase Yahoo for $46.2 billion. I’m betting Yahoo will accept the offer, especially among reports of low revenue forecasts and employee layoffs.

8 ways to turn negative feedback into an opportunity. Very good article and I really like the part about picking your battles as it is one of my mottoes in life.

Google’s revenue up 51%, that number may sound like a lot but it actually fell short of analyst estimates.

Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt vowed to work for Google until 2040.

Are SEOs worth $350 per hour? God no. I don’t charge any where near that much for my consulting services, and I reasonably cannot see any informed person paying an SEO that much.

5 reasons why search rankings are not a great measure of success. I think #4 is probably the most important. Ranking for low traffic keywords can look great on paper, but now days people are more concerned with traffic and conversions then rankings.

Do you care about Google glitches? I know I do!

StumbleUpon: the importance of understanding taxonomy.


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