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If you are trying to build up links for a site, submitting content to article directories should be an integral part of your efforts. By submitting quality content to some of these sites you can gain fee HTML links that you can even control the anchor text of (in the about section of an article). […]

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about the new Digg. Hundreds of people in the search engine marketing industry are upset that their old “power user” techniques no longer work. But Digg is still one of the most popular social media communities and no matter how irritating it is […]

TGIF Ya’ll!


Yahoo announces all new Yahoo video with better viewing experience, more content, and more sharing options. Huh, I didn’t really even know Yahoo had a video property… 10 tips for success on StumbleUpon. I’ve been hard lately to learn as much as I can about StumbleUpon and I found this article to be quite enjoyable […]

1. Link Out to Other Blogs As I have mentioned before, if you link to other blogs then it will help you get attention. Bloggers monitor their inbound links very closely and if you provide a link to another blog then chances are the blogger will see. This is especially true if the link sends […]

Yahoo says no to Microsoft bid claiming it undervalues their stock. Microsoft responds to Yahoo saying they will take the necessary steps to pursue a purchase of Yahoo. Speaking of Microsoft, they did successfully acquire Danger Inc., the company behind the T-mobile sidekick. They claimed the next generation of Microsoft will focus on mobile consumers. […]

I had wanted to put together a list of social media communities for a while now, but I couldn’t think of a good way to organize them. So I got to thinking about what helps me decide if it’s worth it to participate in a social community. Most of the time when I am looking […]



Google rumored to have purchased Plaxo for $200 million.  ASK launched Big News, which features a “Big Factor” social media element. The page also features top stories on Digg an a neat “Zero Diggs – Be the first” list. SEO consultants broken down into three categories: the good, the rad, and the sexy. Hmm, based […]