10 Useful Google Search Tricks


1.    Easy Calculator

You can easily use the regular Google search as a calculator, just type your math problem into Google.

Examples: “1 + 1,” “49/7,” “(42/6+7)*2,” or “square root(9)”

2.    Track A Flight’s Status

To track a flight’s status in Google just type the flight the airline’s name followed by the flight number.

Examples: “united 134,” “delta flight 5778” or “jetblue 232.”

3.    Currency Conversions

If you need to know how much your money is worth in a foreign currency you can just type the query into Google.

Examples: “5 dollars in pounds,” “10 EUR in GBP,” or “10 USD in canadian money.”

4.    Site Search

If you want to find a specific page on a site you can use the “site:” command and avoid confusing navigations or slow site searches.

Examples: “site:mcdonalds.com nutrition information,” “site:bankofamerica.com login,” or “site:digg.com seo tips.”

5.    Definitions

You can find out the definition of any word by simply typing “define:” into your search query. This is especially helpful when your writing and aren’t sure if you are using the correct word.

Examples: “define:flower,” “define:seo,” or “define:myspace.”

6.    Movie Times

This is probably one of my favorite features on Google’s search. Finding movie times through Google is so much easier then trying to navigate Fandango or other movie time websites.

Examples: “juno showtimes sacramento ca,” “movie showtimes dallas tx,” or “cloverfield showtimes san Francisco.”

7.    Reverse Phone Number Lookup

This feature can be very useful if you like to screen your calls. You can type the number into Google and it will allow you to perform a reverse phone number lookup.

Examples: “555-555-5555,” “5555555555,” or “(555) 555-5555.”

8.    Tracking Searches

If you have the tracking number for something being shipped to you through UPS, FedEx, or USPS then you can just type it into Google to see the status of your shipment. Google will automatically recognize the shipment type based on the format of the tracking number.

Examples: “1Z9999W99999999999,” “999999999999,” or “9999 9999 9999 9999 9999 99.”

9.    Spell Check

This is another one of my favorite features. I have really bad spelling and some time’s my spelling of a word is so far off that spell check on Word does not catch it. Fortunately you can type any word into Google and it’s “Did you mean” feature will return the correct spelling.

Examples: “catapilar,” “bannaa,” or “religon.”

10.    Weather

You can enter a few different weather related terms into Google to get a forecast. This feature can be especially helpful if you are traveling and need to know what type of clothing to pack.

Examples: “sacramento forecast,” “texas weather,” “san francisco temperature.


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