Do Meta Tags Still Matter?


People often ask me if meta tags still matter in search engine optimization or not. But the problem with this question is that there is not a simple yes or no answer. Meta tags, as well as alt tags, are still considered when determining a page’s keyword density but their influence isn’t any where near what it used to be.

Anyone working in SEO five years ago remembers that stuffing your meta tags with keywords was the easiest way to get your site ranking in a search engine. Unfortunately, people abused these tags and overstuffed them with hundreds and thousands of spam like keywords. It wasn’t long before the search engines stopped giving much weight to keywords in these tags.

Meta tag’s may not have nearly the influence they used to but they can help towards the overall goal of a good keyword density for a page. Knowing exactly what keywords people are searching for, and having those keywords appear frequently on your page is basic SEO. Having the keywords appear frequently in the page’s text is the most important factor in optimizing a page, but you should not forget about the meta tags. They do still have some impact on your keyword density and you should always include your page’s keywords in these tags.

Additionally, the title keyword is one of the most important places you can put a keyword. The other tags including the alt, description, and keyword tags aren’t really that influential. But the title tag is, especially if the keywords appear within the first 30 or so characters of the tag.


One Response to “Do Meta Tags Still Matter?”

  1. yes meta tags still matter. do not overlook the importance of meta tags

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