12 Quick Tips to Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly


Blogs are all the rage in the online world. Nearly everyone and their brother seems to have a blog now days. But many of these people are not taking the correct steps to make sure their blogs are search engine friendly, and that is a big mistake. Search engines drive traffic, and you will need to appeal to them if you want to get quality visitors to your blog. Depending on the blogging platform you use there are specific optimizations you can make, but there are a few things you can do to any blog to make it more search engine friendly. Below are 12 quick tips to make your blog more SEO friendly.

12. Use keywords in your titles.
Nearly all the popular blogging platforms also use your title in URL of the post. This is a great place to include keywords because the search engines give authority to keywords in your URL. Additionally, many blogging platforms use your title for the meta title tag of the post’s permalink. This is the only meta tag that really has any influence on your keyword density so it is important to make sure keywords appear within the first 30 or so characters.

11. Always allow comments.
When people add comments to your blog it’s like getting new content for free, and the more content you have on a page the better. Too many people do not allow comments on their site because of rampant comment and blog spam. However, most blogging platforms have effective spam filters that let you approve comments before they appear on your blog.

10. Link to related posts within your blog.
You should always link to at least three or four related posts in every entry you make on your blog. This makes it easy for the search engines to find similar pages within your blog.

9. Purchase a domain name.
Having a unique domain name not only gives your blog a more professional look, but it also makes people more likely to link to your blog. A short and memorable domain name can also help you get more repeat visitors.

8. Double, and triple check your spelling.
Having immaculate spelling is essential for any blogger. Not only does poor spelling make your blog look unprofessional to readers, but it can also hurt your rankings in the search engines. If you misspell a popular keyword then the search engines will rank you for the wrong spelling.

7. Use popular keywords for your tags.
You should always tag your entries with popular keywords. These tags are used as a way to organize your pages and can help the search engines easily find related pages within your blog. Additionally, many blogging platforms create individual pages for these tags that can even show up in the search engine result pages.

6. Include keywords in your category names.
Similar to using keywords in your tags, you also want to include keywords in your post category names. You should also make sure that your category pages are heavily linked to within your blog.

5. Include links to subscribe to your feed.

You should always make it easy for people to subscribe to your RSS feeds. It’s also a good idea to include feed buttons so people can easily add your site’s feed to their preferred reader. If you don’t want these links to become too cluttered you can use a service liked FeedButton.com, which condenses up to 15 links into one simple button.

4. Include up to five social tagging links.
It’s a good idea to include a few links so that people can submit or tag your site in social media communities. This will help your site get attention, and possibly links from sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, and Reddit. However, it’s a bad idea to include links to more than five communities. If you have too many it will turn visitors off and make them less likely to tag your site at all.

3. Post as often as possible.
Search engines, and Google in particular, love sites that are updated often. The more frequently you post the more likely the search engine bots will index it.

2. Link to articles on related blogs.
It’s always a good idea to link out to related blogs, both in your entries and blogroll. Why? Because most bloggers keep track of their inbound links. They will see that you linked to them and will be more likely to link back to your site. Additionally, some blogs even list links pointing to their site. You could end up with a free, easy link back to your site.

1. Make it easy for others to link to you.
You should always make it easy for people to link to your site. One way to do this is to include summaries and short easy to remember titles so that other bloggers can easily grab a section of text to post on their own blog.


One Response to “12 Quick Tips to Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly”

  1. Thanks for spelling this out for everyone. It’s amazing how many people have absolutely no clue how to blog.

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