The SEO Similarities Between Digg And Press Releases


Getting a story to the front page of Digg seems to be all the rage in search engine marketing lately. It can send a massive amount of traffic and virally generate dozens of inbound links. But the concept of putting out quality content to generate attention and links isn’t exactly new. Search engine marketers have been using press releases for years to help get links and attention to their websites, and the more I thought about it press releases and popular stories on Digg have quite a few other SEO similarities.

Good content is the most important factor
It’s the same for press releases and stories on Digg, if you want a story to get attention you need to have high quality content. If a story is informative, well written, and interesting then it can generate hundreds of quality links and generate a lot of attention for your website.

To attract attention you need an eye-catching title
If you want a story or press release to become popular you need to have an eye-catching title. Press releases can end up in lists of hundreds of other press releases, and stories on Digg begin their life in the lengthy upcoming section. If you want your story to stand out you need an exciting, eye-catching title.

In addition to a title you also need a good summary
Having an enticing summary is almost as important as having an eye-catching title. Most press release distribution sites only show a story’s title and summary. Similarly on upcoming and popular pages on Digg only display the title and summary. If you want to get people to click through and read your story or release you need to have both an eye-catching title and an effective summary.

Perfect spelling and grammar is a must
If your story or news release has too many spelling or grammar errors then it probably won’t get much attention. These errors can make a story or release look sloppy and unprofessional. Take the extra ten or fifteen minutes to thoroughly proof read your content, it will definitely pay off.

Being well connected can get you attention
If you want a press release to get picked up by other websites or news sources then you need to know people in the industry. Just submitting a release through a free submission service isn’t going to get links to it. Likewise, just submitting a story to Digg without sending shout outs to friends isn’t going to get links to it.

When big companies make an announcement it always gets attention

How many times do you see announcements from Apple on the front page of Digg? It’s the same with press releases, large popular corporations will always get more attention from their press releases then small businesses.


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