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Tips for making the front page of the new Digg. In case you missed it Digg changed their algorithm a bit making it more difficult to for many to get their submissions to the front page. Microsoft’s profits soar… Really? 6 great tips for writing blog content that is easily scannable, which is essential for […]

1.    Easy Calculator You can easily use the regular Google search as a calculator, just type your math problem into Google. Examples: “1 + 1,” “49/7,” “(42/6+7)*2,” or “square root(9)” 2.    Track A Flight’s Status To track a flight’s status in Google just type the flight the airline’s name followed by the flight number. Examples: […]

Digg has made pretty large changes to their algorythm and upset a lot of people. Essentially votes from friends no longer have much weight so an article’s popularity is now more dependent on the quality of the content. Google announces policies for political advertising. When is usability more important then SEO? According to Dataran search […]

Sites and blogs of all sizes are increasingly taking advantage of link baited articles to build links virally and gain visitors from social media sites. But how much attention you get from a blog essentially comes down to the quality of your entry. If you put time and effort into a creating a quality piece […]

I’ve found many times that using a keyword insert in a pay-per-click ad can result in a higher click through rate, but other times they perform just as bad or worse then those without. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help the odds of your ad performing well. My biggest advice […]

Yahoo expected to lay off between 1,500 and 2,500 employees. iPhone goes after corporate crowd with an AT&T/iPhone business service plan. It’s about time! 10 things Yahoo can do to become more relevant. The article is interesting a timely. Be sure to check out the link to TechChrunch’s article on Yahoo’s recent tests with […]

Below is a list of 15 free places you can submit your press releases to. Keep in mind that these should not replace quality distribution sites like Business Wire or PRweb. However, they do present an easy opportunity to further spread the word about your press release and generate some additional free links. 1. […]