Questions & Answers 006


Lordy, I have been so busy lately over the past few weeks.  I tried out a pay per lead vendor, and although the leads weren’t valuable it inspired me to write my next advice article.  Check back next week to see thoughts on pay per lead and pay per click campaigns.  Fortunately I had a little bit of time this afternoon so I thought I would do a little answering on Yahoo Answers, below are some of the questions I found and my answers.


Yahoo Answers – Link Building, Page Rank?

I am just wondering if answering questions on here helps with link building and Page Rank since you can put links to your sites in your profile? Regular forums are great for this.

Can I post links to my site within my answers if I feel they are relevant to the question? I tried this when I first joined and my answers disappeared although I never received any violation warning or no points were deducted besides the points that were given to me for answering. Thanks J

My Answer:

No, linking to your site from your answers does give directly pass page rank onto your site.  Yahoo Answers tags all links with a no follow tag, which means the search engine’s bots do not crawl the link.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t link to your site if you provide a good answer.  Yahoo’s bots crawl Yahoo Answers often and rank answer pages well for some search queries, so if one of your answers ranks well it could provide a significant flow of visitors to your site.  But only link to your site if it is relevant to the question, otherwise it might be considered spam.


In general, is it more effective to use plural words in search engines? or is it more effective to drop the s?

My Answer:

It depends on the keywords you are targeting as to weather the plural version of a word will make a difference or not.  Some times it won’t make any difference, and some times it makes a big different.  Just look at the different results for “car” and “cars” searches on Google.  The best way to know for sure is to use a keyword tool to see which version people are searching for more.   


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