Greetings from NYC!


Well I just got back from day one of SMX: Social Media Marketing, and it was probably one of the best search engine marketing conferences I have been to yet.  Unfortunately I only got about three hours of sleep last night and I have been tired as hell all day.  But I didn’t let lack of sleep stop me from having an amazing time at the conference.  I did however let lack of sleep stop me from attending the networking cocktail party, but oh well, I need a nap! 

The sessions were really good and informative but I do have one complaint… There was far too much focus on Digg during the presentations.  I know that Digg is by far the most popular and influential of all the social media sites, but there are dozens of others that can also drive traffic and links.  In the session on social news sites, not a single presenter even discussed the other social news sites.  They all gave information on and advice for getting traffic from Digg.  I think the session would have been much better with at least some advice for targeting other social news site.

Well, I’m already laying down in my bed and my eyes are barely opening, so check back in a few days for my full recap of the conference.     


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