Questions & Answers 005


I don’t know why, but for some reason it’s much easier for me to write answers to some one’s questions then it is for me to write an informational blog entry.  I’m going to try to finish my advice on adding content entry some time this evening, but in the meantime here are some question and my answers that I gathered from Yahoo Answers this morning.


Search Engine Keywords?

If I make keyword changes on my site, how long will it take for the search engines to find them. Do I have to submit my URL each time I make a change to alert the spiders to crawl the site?

My Answer:

The amount of time it will take the search engines to notice the changes to your site depends on your site’s crawl rate in each of the search engines.  This crawl rate is determined by the amount of authoritative links you have pointing to your site and how often your site is updated.  You don’t submit sites to search engines any more, they have bots that crawl around the web and index sites.  If you site has hundreds of quality links then the search engines will update their cached version of your site relatively fast, but if you have little or no inbound links then it is going to take much longer.


Where can I find resources that will tell me how to write SEARCH MARKETING (Paid Search) ads?

I am looking for something beyond the common “facts” (keyword specificity, call to action, no CAPS, no “&” or odd punctuation). I am looking for an in-depth guide that provides tips for different industries.

My Answer:

Here are a few good resources on pay per click ad writing:


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