Questions & Answers 004


Well it’s Sunday morning, I’m still laying in bed, but I decided to get a head start on work today.  I figured I would start off with answering some questions on Yahoo Answers.  So check out my advice below, and look forward to my next advice blog, How to Easily Add Content to a Site or Blog


Question about domains and search engine rankings?

I am building a website for a realtor. It seems that if the domain contains the search words (e.g “homes” and “Denver” and “realtor” to or it would rank higher in search engines than those with those words only as metatags.

Is this true? What is the best way to get high on the list?

My Answer:

Yes, actually the words in your domain do have some effect on your search engine rankings.  Google and the other popular search engines consider hundreds of different factors when ranking your site and the keywords in your domain is one of them.  Granted the domain won’t instantly make you rank for a keyword, it will have some slight effect.  But the problem is that you can only really put one or two keywords in your domain, and you are probably going to want to target a few dozen quality keywords if you want to get decent traffic.  I would suggest using keyword rich text and a lengthy link building campaign.  The best way to improve your sites ranking is to have as many quality links pointing to your site as you can.  Ask friends or people you know for links and even try emailing other sites for link exchanges. 


How to get the search engines to recognise my site?

I have released my site {removed} but Yahoo or google cannot pick up.

Any suggestion on how i can get more hits and the search engines to recognise the site.

Thank you any help or suggestions. 
I have launched the site 3 days a go and i only had 30 hits, i was hoipng it would at least be a 1000 by now, how can i improve this?

My Answer:

If your hoping to get at least 1,000 hits 3 days after opening your site then you are probably going to need professional search engine optimization help or an optimized pay per click campaign.  It takes a lot of work to get a site rank well in free search results now days.  In order to rank your site needs to have authority in the eyes of the search engines, and the best way to build up authority is to have links pointing to your site from other sites.  Your other option is to launch a pay per click campaign where you are literally paying for each visitor that comes to your site.  I would recommend using Google adWords because it’s the most user friendly, but you could potentially advertise on all of the search engines. 


Do search engines read the content of iframes? Can I put a link in an iframe? Any alternatives to iframe?


Yes, the search engines do read the content in an IFrame and yes they would follow any links contained in the IFrame.  But the search engines are going to rank that IFrame page as its own page, not as a part of the page containing the IFrame.  So that IFrame page may end up ranking in the search engines on it’s own.


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