Lava Lamp & Travel Mug From Google


I had a pleasant surprise today when I got a big, and quite heavy, package from Google.  I was expecting something from them because a few days ago the Google representatives said they wanted to verify my address in case they had to send me something. I knew they sent out Christmas gifts, like the photo frame I got last year, but this one was completely out of the blue.  It does make some sense though. I do in house search engine marketing for a large company and a few weeks ago I was contacted by new service representatives that were assigned to our account.  It’s a weird way to get new service representatives, but hey, I don’t need a reason for a gift from Google!

It’s so odd too… A lava lamp?  And look at the little Google logos too!  LOL, just the idea of the men in suits at Google sitting around discussing the idea of sending out Google lava lamps really cracks me up.  It looks a little out of place on my desk but I actually like it.  So thank you Google for the fun gifts!

 Google Lava Lamp 1 Google Travel Mug 1

Google Lava Lamp 2 Google Travel Mug 2


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