Questions & Answers 003


Hello everyone, I did another batch of answers on my Yahoo Answers account this morning.  Here are some of the better ones.  And feel free to email me if you have any search engine marketing related questions!


How the improve the search engine ranking of…

In yahoo this website comes in SEO rank 7 for the key word “Great Khali” but in Google it come in page 3 for the same keyword . Please suggest some methods to improve the SEO ranking as well as the page rank of

My Answer:

Since your specifically targeting the one term “Great Khali” I would say you should try increasing your own sites keyword density for the term and get more authoritative sites for those terms to link to your site.  You can increase your site’s keyword density by making sure those terms, Great Khali, appear more frequently in your site’s text and in your meta, alt, and <h> tags.  Although altering your site can help a little, getting authoritative links pointing to your site is going to be your best way to move up search engine results.  I’d say to search for “Great Khali” and email the sites that show up in the first few pages of the search engine results.  You can either ask them to add your link to their site, or ask for a link exchange.  I’d recommend that latter, that way it doesn’t seem like your asking for nothing.  If you get a few good links you’ll be sure to climb up the results!


Does yahoo answer allow for links to be followed by search engine spiders?

Say I was to post

would say, google’s spider come along – find the link and follow it? Or doesn’t yahoo answers allow for links to be followed?

My Answer:

Yes Yahoo does allow for links from pages within Yahoo Answers to be crawled.  Which is actually odd because most social media sites are switching their links so that the search engines can’t crawl them.  Both MySpace and Wikipedia already have, and other sites are already taking measures to help reduce link spam.  If you did want to incorporate Yahoo Answers into you link building efforts I would recommend finding legitimate questions and providing good answers.  And don’t overstuff them with links either, the admins will probably spot and remove any link spam.


I want my website to be ranked by Yahoo search engine as fast as possible, what do I need to do?

I want my site to be seen by many people and I want Yahoo to assist me achieve this.


There really isn’t a good answer to your question, because you really aren’t going to be able to get ranked by Yahoo in any fast amount of time, and any one who tells you otherwise is incorrect.  Getting good rankings in the search engines takes months or even years of authoritative link building efforts.  And nowadays search engines are smart, if your site pops up out of nowhere and suddenly has a ton of links, they will know something is up and take action.  Some times too much link building too fast can even get your site banned for up to a year.  So always avoid spammy techniques like comment or forum spamming, link farms, or obvious paid links.


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