Questions & Answers 002



How do I let search engine (yahoo, google) include my friendster, multiply, blogspot etc to be searched?

I just wanted to make my blog, multiply, friendster apear when I type my name on these search engines.

My Answer:

Anything that the search engine’s bots find will be included in the search engine results. Getting your blog and pages to be crawled isn’t that difficult, you just need to have some links pointing to it. I’d suggest you submit your blog’s link to a few blog directories such as then make sure to link to your multiply and friendster pages from your blog. In order to get them to show up for your name searches you need to make sure that your name appears frequently on the pages, and have a few decent links to them.


How do i submit my web site to the yahoo search engine?

My Answer:

You actually don’t submit your site to a search engine any more. It used to be a method for getting a site crawled by a search engine quite a few years ago, but that is no longer the case. Now days the search engines use bots that crawl around the web and find pages to rank. In order to get your site crawled by the search engines you need to have other site’s linking to yours. I would suggest submitting your site to a few quality directories like, and emailing a few other sites in your industry to see if they want to exchange links.


Cost Per Click Campaign Manager Pay?

I take care of CPC accounts, i do keyword research, bid management and alot more. I litterally almost never do any office work. I get paid minimum wage as a ‘junior office assistant’ In melb australia. i’ve been there 3 months have had no prior expirence in office of CPC campagins. Does this sound right to you? I feel like im being cheated.

My Answer:

If you had no prior experience before starting your job then they are definitely not cheating you. Your job’s pay is typically determined based on your expertise in the field and your prior work experience. If I were you I would look around and consider purchasing some Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising books so you can learn more about your field from outside your employer. If you continue to expand your knowledge and continue gaining valuable experience then you will be worth quite a bit more to your employer in a few months. I wouldn’t feel cheated, but rather be excited to work for a company who is willing to invest in you and give you valuable experience.


Does yahoo have a place where i can look at my sites sitemap and search engine data?

My Answer:

Yes, Yahoo offers their Site Explorer tool – – which allows you to see all pages of your site that have been indexed by Yahoo as well as all of the links pointing to your site.


How to make my blog index all pages in yahoo and google search engine?

I got a blog from . However, when I search it in yahoo and google, it just appear one page. I want to make all pages can be searched. How to make it happens?

My Answer:

If the first page of your site has been found already then that’s a good step in the right direction. It takes search engines time to crawl your entire blog, some times even a few months. If you want to make the search engines crawl your site faster then you need to build up more “authority” for your site by getting more links pointing to it. I’d recommend doing a Google blog search for other blogs in your industry or sharing a similar topic, then email them to ask for a link exchange. If you are running a good blog with quality content then other bloggers are going to want to exchange links with you. But I would recommend waiting until you have at least ten quality blog entries before emailing bloggers for link exchanges.


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