Questions & Answers 001


Hello everyone, here is my first batch of Questions & Answers, they are taken from my Yahoo Answers account.  Enjoy!


SEO question?

Hi friends. I am having a blog on blogspot & it is having a normal sub domain… Now I am going to buy a .com domain. Will this increase my search engine rank & google adsense bid. (Earning)

My Answer:

First of all, if I were you I would NOT associate a domain with a blog on blogspot. I had a client who had a well established blog on a subdomain that was ranking well for a few popular terms, but when they added the domain to their blog they lost pretty much all of their rankings. Also, more importabtly, blogspot does not support use of both with www and without www. When you add your domain you have to either choose to use the www or not to. So if you choose to use the www then any one who just goes to htt:// will be directed to an error page… It may not be a problem for your domain, but it was a huge problem for my client. I would suggest either setting up the domain as a redirect or moving your blog to another service. I recommend WordPress.


How much can you earn from SEO/SEM skills and in which part of the world?

My Answer:

It pretty much depends on your skill levels and your reputation. If your a high profile member of the search engine marketing community then you are likely to get higher paying jobs. Your value is essentially what you are able to get some one to pay you for your skills, which can vary greatly from person to person.

However, typically working in search engine markeitng pays rather well. In the United States many entry level search engine marketing positions start at aound $25,000 per year, and the sky is the limit for how much you can potentially make. Many corporations now have Vice Presidents of search engine marketing that are probably making hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What is the difference between SEO/SEM?

i would like to have an indepth info on it.

My Answer:

That’s a very interesting question as many answers are going to vary. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization which essentially is the process of optimizing a site to receive traffic from the organic search engine results. Organic results, are the free results that are found from the search engines algorithms and displayed for free in the search engine listings. Search engine optimization specifically refers to making optimizations to individual pages so that they are more search engine friendly, such as adding appropriate keywords to tags or adding keyword rich content. But SEO has recently come to include other methods of getting traffic from search engines such as keyword research and authoritative link building. Nowadays some forms of viral and social media marketing are also being covered by SEO as they often help a person’s site rank organically.

SEM specifically means search engine marketing. It used to refer to mostly paid search engine marketing through mostly pay per click advertising. However lately SEM has become more of an all encompassing term for any form of marketing to get traffic from a search engine. Including SEO, SMM (social media marketing), ORM (online reputation management), and SMO (social media optimization)


SEO question: whats a good keyword ranking tool? has anyone heard of or use “advanced web ranking”?

What was your experience with it, is it a popular tool? I downloaded it for the free 30 day trial… If not, what do you use?

My Answer:

My favorite keyword tool is As part of their subscription service, which isn’t exactly cheap, you get quite a few useful tools. But they do have a free trial that you can use as many times as you want, and many people often find that the free tool suits their needs. Theres also a free keyword tool at SEO Book that i’ve found to be quite helpful and accurate.


How long does it take a new wikipedia article so show up on the internet search engine?

My Answer:

Usually it doesn’t take that long, but it depends on a few factors. 1) how many links are pointing to the article and 2) which search engine you are hoping for the article to show up on. Typically Google picks up Wiki articles very fast and displays them quite prominently in the search engine results, but other search engines typically take longer. The best method for getting a page noticed is increase the number of inbound links to it. So my advice would be to include the article in as many categories as you can then include links to it from other articles.


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